I finally published my blog!

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My first post dates back to beginning of 2018. That is about when I made a commitment to have a blog. But the idea was already there, way before.

It took me almost 4 years from commitment to publishing this blog. What delayed it so much? Perfectionism. Or rather, the idea that I absolutely needed everything in place before I could publish it.

Tried to use Jekyll, but then Hugo was becoming the cool thing, then Ghost was emerging, then... The question always was: which one would finally be the perfect tool for me to write my blog?!

There ain't such thing as perfect and that is what is important to be realized. I managed to let go the idea that it had to be perfect or anything close to it. It's more important to make it public and iterate from there. In fact, this blog is now public for a few days and I'm publishing today because I wanted a mobile friendly version (AKA responsive) to be available, which I just finished doing as I write this.

The tweet below reminds me of this idea and it's the inspiration for this very blog post.

The blog is quite scrappy now, but the important part is that I can iterate from here and improve it as I go. Yes, I'm building this blog from scratch. No fancy tools or platforms. More on that on another post, or on my twitter!